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How To Book the Boozy Buckaroo

See below on what to expect when booking us for your event.



This is the entry level up to get your party started:

-Delivery and pickup

-Staffed bar

-Solo and cocktail cups included

-No games or add-ons


Upgrading to the outlaw will really make your party pop. Our suggested package for a big get-together! The Outlaw package includes:

-Delivery and pickup

-Solo and Cocktail cups included

-Staffed bar

-Bourbon barrels



The Sheriff is the one stop shop package that includes all the possible party accessories to guarantee your party is a hoot:

-Delivery and pickup

-Staffed bar

-Solo and Cocktail cups

-Bourbon barrels


-Selfie station

-Canopy tent


Intro Pricing

Our introductory pricing includes rental of our trailer, drink tap system, delivery, and staffing for half day - $875

For full day and multi-day events, please inquire.


Bourbon barrel (x2) - $20 each

Games (corn hole, ladder ball, horseshoes, Kan Jam) - $40

Canopy tent - $75

Selfie station - $100

30 inch drink buckets - Included

Signage - included

Booking Details

Contact Us

Go to the 'CONTACT' page and tell us all about your event! Include the date, time, and location of your event. We will get in touch ASAP so we can begin to plan for your event.


Once we determined the details of your event you pay a deposit of 50% total cost and we will get you set up in our Boozy Buckaroo calendar! 

Let's Ride

Let's get this party started! We will get the Boozy Buckaroo all set up for your specific selection. 

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