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Frequently Asked Questions

What can we expect when we book the Boozy Buckaroo?

Having an event coming up with limited service space or amenities? The Boozy Buckaroos are here to offer you an attractive and functional window for your patrons, serving alcohol, non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, and bring games and smiles to you!

Who are the ones staffing?

As the owners of the Boozy Buckaroos, Nick and Sam have bar-tending experience from a wide variety of venues, and are TIPS certified. As long-time Colorado residents, we can assure you an authentic Colorado experience, with an interest in craft beers and whiskey from around the world.

How many drinks and beverages can you handle?

Our trailer and its systems can handle up to two kegs on tap, chilled instantly!

Given our more confined space for storage and cocktail mixing, we ask that you limit your party to two (2) cocktails to make sure we provide you and your guests with speedy high-quality service. 

We will provide you with a convenient form upon reservation with a space to enter all your drinks. Drinks not entered on this form may not be able to be accommodated on the day of your event

Who can book The Boozy Buckaroo?

Virtually anyone! We are excited to cater to the newlyweds, reunion guests, corporate organizers, and small businesses that need a temporary location on site. If you are operating a small business in northern Colorado, ask us about our business discount!

What about all the legal stuff?

Upon booking us, there will be a legal document outlining specific usage of the Boozy Buckaroo. We cannot provide alcohol to your event, but are equipped to serve it from the smallest of juice box to the fullest size keg. We request that given your venue, event insurance is provided. Our trailer and staff are insured for your event, and have a team working for you and your big day.

How Big is your Trailer?

The dimensions of our trailer are as follows:

10' 6" from hitch to rear

7' 3" from ground to roof

6' 9" from tire to tire

What about additional costs?

Once a date has been agreed upon, we will ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold the date. In addition, a $250 refundable damage deposit may be required. Some or all of the initial deposit may be returned if you decide to cancel, depending on the notice date given.

A surcharge of between $25-$100 may be applied for events outside the front range.

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